About me and my experience.

Welcome to my website. I am Dave Harrop and I am a qualified counselling psychotherapist.          

You have already made the decision to do something to help you change and improve certain aspects of your life, this decision is a very positive step forward.

My role as a counsellor will be to help you understand the thoughts and behaviours you are currently experiencing or those of someone close to you.  The counselling I offer: listening carefully, without judgement, and then working alongside you in a safe, confidential and supportive way to explore what you might want to change and how you can achieve this.

You are unique, and therefore it is important for us to work together to enable you to understand your own feelings, thoughts and actions, and those of others. For example, you may be feeling stuck, angry, sad, criticised, insecure, misunderstood or hopeless.  Any of these feelings can be changed once the roots have been identified and alternative patterns of thinking explored.

In order to give you the most effective therapy, it’s important that there is a collaboration between myself and you to shape the therapy to your specific needs. Within the consultation if you wish, we can discuss other elements from other therapy modalities that maybe useful to help you accomplish your wants and needs during our time together.

Sometimes some of us find it challenging to express our emotions and feelings. There are a number of possible solutions which could help to facilitate the process. I make available plain paper and coloured pens or I use emotive cards, which can be very useful in unlocking those deep internalised feelings and emotions

In addition, I have worked in the health and fitness industry for 10 years, this means I can offer you my knowledge and experience to help you potentially make effective adjustments to your physical activity and eating habits. This is proven to help improve general wellbeing and mental health.

Sometimes if a session has been particularly hard going for you, I do offer grounding techniques at the end to help prepare you to go about the rest of your day.

NB – If you are unsure about making any changes to your activity or diet due to any medical conditions it is always important you consult your GP first.